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How do I Process a Refund?

You can process a refund through the mobile app.

If a customer requests a refund, you are able to process refunds through the mobile app. You can refund credit transactions directly to the customer’s credit card. While debit and cash refunds can be recorded in the app, you need to return the funds to the customer using cash.

To process a refund, open the menu in the app. Select Sales History from the menu and identify the transaction you’d like to refund.


Review the details of the transaction and make sure they match the customer’s receipt.

Once you are ready you can press Refund to start the refund (A confirmation dialog will be displayed)

Review the details of the refund and press Process Refund. If the refund was done using a credit card, pass the terminal to the customer so they can insert their card. When the transaction is complete, the screen will be updated.