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Creating an Account

You can create a Dream Payments account through the mobile app or via the web interface at

Launch the Dream Payments app on your phone or direct your browser to and select “Sign Up”.

You will be asked to provide some basic details to setup your account (Your legal name, date of birth, email address and telephone number). You need to confirm you accept the terms and conditions and then you can create your account.

We will send you an email with an activation link. Open the email and follow the activation link to create your account. You will see a message to confirm your account has been created and you will be directed to Sign In to your account.

The first time you sign into your account you will be asked to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to secure your account details. You will be asked to enter the PIN if you want to change sensitive account information (Email address, banking details etc.). You should use a PIN that is not easy to guess.

Once you have created your PIN you will be asked to provide some information about your business. The business information you provide will be used on the electronic receipts sent out to your customers.

Once you have provided your business information your account is created and ready to accept cash payments. If you’d like to sign up for debit and credit services you may proceed with the application.