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A quick overview of the mobile app.

A quick overview of what is possible with the mobile app.


After installing the app you can choose to login with an existing account (or create a new account).

When you sign in, you have the choice of letting the app remember your user ID by selecting the “Remember me” radio button.


Catalog sale

Items from your catalog can be selected by tapping on the item. Each time you tap the item we increase the amount of the product in the cart. If you would like to select a large amount of a product, you can press and hold on the counter on the right. Moving your finger up or down can quickly add or remove multiple items to your cart.


If you would like to remove all amounts of a product from your cart you can click on the product image bring the count down to zero.


Enter sale

If you would like to add a product to your cart that isn’t included in your catalog, you can choose the Enter Sale option and input the details of the transaction.



The main menu provides access to the Dashboard, Starting a New Sale, your Product Catalog, your Sales History and the App / Account Settings.



The Dashboard allows you to see a high level view of your sales over the current day or past week.


New Sale

The New Sale screen allows you to either access a catalog of your products (if you have created one) or input a manual sale (i.e. items that don’t exist in your catalog).


Managing your Product Catalog

To add items to your catalog, open the menu and select “Product Catalog”. From this screen products can be added, removed or enabled / disabled.


Sales history

The sales history screen lets you review and manage your previous sales. You are able to filter the results based on a date range as required.


Settings menu

The Settings menu allows you to configure your App / Account Settings. Some settings of particular importance are:

  • Business Settings (Sign up for Card Payments, Add a Bank Account and manage Card Readers).
  • Tips (to turn on a prompt for a tip on the card reader).
  • Taxes (where you can configure taxes and choose which product or service they are applicable to).


Merchant and Business Settings

The Merchant Settings menu lets you edit your Profile settings, your Communication Preferences and change your Password and PIN.

The Business Settings menu lets you manage your business, including editing some profile information, applying for card payments, managing your bank account details and adding card readers.



You can turn on / off the ability to prompt a customer for a tip. If the control is turned on, your customer will be prompted to add a tip during the payment process.



You are responsible for determining if sales taxes apply to your sales. If sales taxes apply, you must use the Add Taxes screen (available from the Settings menu) to configure the taxes applicable to your business and assign them to the applicable products. See Setting up sales taxes.