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Making a Sale

You are able to take payments anywhere in Canada, using the mobile app and card reader.

Make a sale by selecting from the catalog or by entering a manual sale (or a combination of both).

Items from your catalog can be selected by:

  • - Tapping on the item. Each time you tap the item we increase the amount of the product in the cart.
  • - If you would like to select a large quantity of a product, you can put your finger directly on the counter and scroll up or down.
If you would like to add a product to your cart that isn’t included in your catalog, you can choose the Enter Sale option and provide the details of the transaction.


Once you have selected all the products to be purchased, click on the shopping cart on the top right.

Clicking the shopping cart signifies that the customer is ready to pay; you will be presented with a page detailing the contents of the shopping cart and options for accepting payment.

You can alter the quantities of the selected product on this page or remove items from your cart (you may also return to select more items to be added to the cart).

For cash transactions you can enter the amount being tendered and the app will display the change that should be given. For debit or credit purchases, the app will send the transaction details to the card reader and, when instructed, you can pass the card reader to the customer for payment.

The card reader will display the total and ask the customer to insert their card and provide their PIN to complete the transaction.

Once the transaction completes you are able to provide the customer a receipt. Receipts are sent electronically (by Email or SMS text message). To send a receipt you would ask the customer to provide their Email address or a mobile phone number to send the SMS text receipt to.