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What do I need in order to start taking Debit and Credit card payments?
To accept debit and credit payments you’ll need a Dream Payments card reader connected to the app on your smart phone, and your Dream Payment account must be approved to accept card payments.

To accept debit and credit payments you will need the following:

  • A Dream Payments Card Reader
  • An Android or iOS smartphone or tablet
  • The Dream Payments Mobile Application
  • A valid Canadian Bank Account

Dream Payments Card Reader

To purchase a Dream Payments card reader, please visit your nearest retailer or purchase online.

For the card reader to function:

  • It must be connected via Bluetooth to a supported Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  • Your Android or iOS device must be running the Dream Payments app. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Your Android or iOS device must have an active data connection (Cellular data plan or Wi-Fi connection).

Supported Devices

To connect the card reader to the mobile app, you will need an Android or iOS device with Bluetooth support

Minimum requirements:

  • - Android:
    • Android 5.0 (and up)
    • Bluetooth 2.1 (and up)
  • - iOS:
    • iOS v8.0 (and up)
    • iPad v3 (and up), iPod Touch v5 (and up)
    • Bluetooth 2.1 (and up)

Bank Account

You will need a valid Canadian bank account in order to receive funds from customer credit and debit card payments

Supported Browsers

You can view your account details and transactions online through the Web Dashboard. We support a range of modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari (on OSX).

Supported browsers:

  • Chrome (v30 and above)
  • Firefox (v27 and above)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 and above)
  • Safari (Mac OSX only, v7 and above)