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My card reader is not responding or powering on. What can I do?
If your card reader is not responding or powering on (even when plugged into the charger), you can take the following steps to reset it:
  • Remove back cover of the Card Reader
    To remove the back cover of the card reader, apply pressure to the seam between the silver and black sections and then push away from the top half (silver section) of the reader. The back cover should easily slide off once unhinged.
  • Reset the Card Reader
    Locate the reset button above the battery slot on the left side of the terminal. Hold down the reset button for 3 seconds and then release. If the card reader is charged, it should automatically restart. If it does not restart, plug the reader into power and then press the reset button again.

If the Card Reader doesn’t start-up or should you have any further issues please contact our 24/7 contact centre for assistance. 1-877-260-2558