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Adding Banking Details

You must add your banking details and validate your account before we are able to deposit the proceeds of your transactions into your bank account.

Access banking details via the Web Dashboard
Click on the Settings button and select Bank Account.


  • There is no cost for adding a bank account, but the bank account you wish to use must have at least $1 in it for our system to validate it.
  • If you have a cheque associated with the bank account, it should have all the information we require to add your bank account.

When adding your bank account, we’ll need you to enter the account holder’s name (the name should match the details the bank holds) and the account details.

You’ll need to accept the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement and provide your PIN to add a new bank account to your Dream Payments account.

Once a bank account has been added we need to validate that we have connected to the right account before we can make a deposit. We will try to connect to the bank account and make a small test deposit and withdrawal. Review your online banking details / statement and record the amount that Dream Payments deposited and withdrew from your account.


  • The test deposit may take a few days to appear in your account.

Return to the bank details screen. There will be a link to validate your account. Clicking on the Validate Bank Account link will prompt you to enter the amount that was deposited and withdrawn from your account. Enter the amount and click “Confirm” to complete the addition of your bank account.

Once your bank account has been validated we will be able to deposit the proceeds of your transactions into your account.